Bringing the best burlesque, cabaret, comedy, magic & circus to the heart of Nottingham

Burlesque, Comedy, Magic & Circus Shows in Nottingham at Alea Casino

Honey Cabaret Shows at Alea Casino bring you the best acts from around the world to the heart of Nottingham. Our A-list Burlesque stars and skilled magic, variety & circus artists, delight and thrill our audiences making it one of the best nights out you’ll ever have!

Established in 2012 Honey Cabaret has graced the stages of many venues around Nottingham including Rock City, Black Cherry Lounge, Pryzm, East Midlands Conference Centre & Goosedale and now has regular shows at Alea Casino.

Some of our A-List hosts, Burlesque, Magic, Circus, Comedy & Cabaret Performers are:

  • Abigail Collins
  • Amber Topaz
  • Andromedia Circus
  • Anna Fur Laxis
  • Aurora Galore
  • Aurora Starr
  • Avdotia The Russian Doll
  • Banbury Cross
  • Beau Rocks
  • Benjamin Louche
  • Betsy Rose
  • Betty D’Light
  • Cherry Shakewell
  • Chi Chi Revolver
  • Christian Lee
  • Crimson Sky
  • Daniella D’Ville
  • Desmon O’Connor
  • Dinah Might
  • Diva Hollywood
  • Eliza Delite
  • Elliot Mason
  • Fancy Chance
  • Fred Bear
  • Ginger Blush
  • Heidi Bang Tidy
  • Immodesty Blaize
  • Jeff Leach
  • Kitty Bang Bang
  • Liberty Pink
  • Lili La Scala
  • Lilly Snatchdragon
  • Lolo Brow
  • Madame Galina
  • Mat Ricardo
  • Millie Dollar
  • Mr Meredith
  • Peter Antoniou
  • Polly Rae
  • Raven Noir
  • Reuben Kaye
  • Scarlett Belle
  • Slinky Sparkles
  • Tempest Rose
  • The Boy With Tape on His Face
  • Veronica Blacklace
  • Vicky Butterfly
  • Violet Blaze

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