Participant Guidelines for attending NDF classes

  • If you’re feeling a little under the weather and have symptoms, please don’t come to class and let us know when you can. As soon as you’re better and have followed the current government guidelines for isolating and testing we’ll see you back at class!
  • We encourage participants to bring their own hand sanitiser and keep personal belongings to a minimum. Hand sanitisers are available at each venue for you to use. 🙂
  • You probably do already but please arrive in your workout clothes.
  • There’s only one person at a time in the toilets allowed in the toilets.
  • The venue may be operating a one way system. The teacher will make this clear on arrival.
  • You will still be able to buy glow sticks and batteries in cash. Please bring exact change. Glow sticks are £3.50. Batteries are 80p.
  • Socially distant queuing on arrival. Have your QR code or booking code with you. This will be scanned in by the teacher for track and trace attendance. Below is an example of the QR code on your ticket with the booking number underneath. You can either show it on your phone, print it out, or write down the number to tell the teacher.

  • Please maintain 2m distance during exercise and in any small breaks. The capacity of each venue has been limited to ensure everyone has enough space to follow the teacher.
  • Most importantly, stay safe and enjoy the class! 😀